Saturday, September 24, 2011

X-tremely Disappointing X-Factor

I will say that I did have high hopes for the X-Factor. Sadly this show is horrible on many levels. I have always been a fan of American Idol, and while I did not want the same format, I rather have anything but this format. First, the host has an annoying voice over. Could care less that he has an accent, his voice just sounds stupid in a voice over. When contestants are emotional, he looks like he is not sure what he should do and looks awkward.

In addition to that, lets look at the format. In every hour, you have 50 straight minutes of bad auditions then finally a string of four or five good auditions. Not only that, we have entire segments that are obviously scripted. Lets take for example the spirit seeing girl in Thursday's episode. Did we really need to see a bunch of strange looking people mixed with random scripted power outages?

Now on the good side, the good part of the talent looks great. Maybe once we get through these bad audition episodes.

Grade: D

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