Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

For some reason Wednesday has been the day to move EVERY show. Note to producers: Please move a couple of shows away from Wednesday (Thursday anyone?) when you start looking at replacements. As a note to all....the 9pm central hour may be the best hour in television. Law and Order: SVU (I like the new people btw), CSI (Ted Danson is AWESOME) and Revenge equates for a challenge for any DVR.

So here we go!

CSI: Had to start here because it is an amazingly revitalized show. Ted Danson takes over from Lawrence Fishburn and adds and element of humor yet stability and makes the show watchable again.

Grade: A-

X-Factor: D Review in the link

Revenge: A One of the best new shows...check out review

Law and Order: SVU: I love this show.....but this year is a huge make it or break it. My bet is a break it. I actually like who they chose to take over for the legendary Mariska Margitay and Chris Meloni. It is tough to replace actors who have been in the role since the beginning. I don't think they will be able to, but I really like Danny Pino and Kelly Ginnish.

Grade: B

Up All Night: Good show with some flaws on the time period. Great cast, with a good sense of humor.

Grade: B+

Free Agents: Bad castings...not sure how this got past the pilot stage

Grade: F

Criminal Minds: The darkest of dramas. I actually know people who have said they would not watch because it had become too dark. They have brought the cast back together....well most of it. Finished the storyline when Prentice left and now we have a new, but limited group. Effective, but still predictable storylineline

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