Friday, September 30, 2011

The Executioner

While no show has been cancelled yet in this young TV season, it is easy to say that there will be casualties.
There have been no cancellations yet, but I have a feeling that by early next week, if not later today, some will get the axe. The Thursday returns have not yet been released and that will have an impact on who will last and who may not. One thing you will notice below is that NBC is having another HORRIBLE year. Almost every other channel in the NBC Universal family of networks are successful, except NBC and it's news channel MSNBC. Why that is? Who knows. Maybe they need to move some USA shows over to NBC. From looking at the releases so far, NBC is having a horrible year all around. Even Law & Order: SVU is in trouble with a little under 8 million viewers on average. Here is how bad it is for NBC. They increased the season order for season 3 of Parenthood. It only averages around 5.5 million viewers this season.

Likely will be cancelled soon:
The Playboy Club (NBC) 5.02, 3.97
Free Agents (NBC) 6.12 million viewers, 3.87, 3.07
H8R (CW) 1.29, 1.03, 1.37 (Kim Kardashian episode)
Heart of Dixie (CW) 1.88 (.8 rating which is horrible)
Whitney (NBC) 6.84

Limping, but critics may keep it alive the whole season:
Up All Night (NBC) 10.95, 6.05, 5.32---decent show, but rating plummet....critical darling
Prime Suspect (NBC) 6.05---well respected show from the UK, well reviewed...may get the year

Up in the Air
A Gifted Man (CBS)9.45/1.4 rating....which is really bad even for that many viewers and CBS has high standards
Charlie's Angels (ABC) 8.76...shocked that this many people watched it, but doubt this show will last.

The only new show to receive a full season pick up has been the really funny New Girl (Fox).

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