Saturday, September 24, 2011

Manic Monday

A look back at the Monday. While in the fall it is, for most of us men, a major time for NFL football, let us not forget about the new television season errupting. While I do not watch every episode that comes out of every show, I do watch a lot of premier episodes. So let us begin.

How I Met Your Mother: B+
Not a bad start to a longstanding good show. I do not follow every episode, but I really do want to know who the mother is, which is a couple years away at least.

Two and a Half Men Part 1: A
I will admit to being a doubter. I am not a big AK fan, but must admit....he was really good. Loved the nods to former women of Charlie's past as well as Darma and Greg.

Hawaii Five-oh: B
Somewhat predictable and even a little unbelievable. Still good fun and anything I get to see Kono is always a great day.

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