Monday, September 26, 2011

Friday Television

My favorite Friday show has yet to debut (Chuck will debut in it's final shortened season October 21), but the shows that have launched are pretty good.


I will say this show is the most awkward in it's start. For one Mac Taylor (Gary Senise) and Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) are no longer in the lab and the lab is now being led by Jo (Sela Ward). Everything is not as put together with this new lab as I am used to, and I am sure these are temporary plot points, of course we wonder if too much damage will be done before bringing things back. This show was barely spared last year....I have a feeling this is the last year for this show. The premier episode was a nice and appropriate 9/11 tribute, but with the broken up cast, we have a major issue in chemistry.


Blue Bloods

This show has always been a strong show, especially in the middle demographics. Now that the show has moved on from the death of Police Commissioner Reagan's son by the Blue Templar, it is going to be interesting how the show will continue on. While this show did nothing to reveal any long term storyline, it did a good job introducing the new Mayor and the relationship the characters will have. Overall, nothing groundbreaking, but still a solid procedural drama.


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