Friday, September 30, 2011

The Executioner

While no show has been cancelled yet in this young TV season, it is easy to say that there will be casualties.
There have been no cancellations yet, but I have a feeling that by early next week, if not later today, some will get the axe. The Thursday returns have not yet been released and that will have an impact on who will last and who may not. One thing you will notice below is that NBC is having another HORRIBLE year. Almost every other channel in the NBC Universal family of networks are successful, except NBC and it's news channel MSNBC. Why that is? Who knows. Maybe they need to move some USA shows over to NBC. From looking at the releases so far, NBC is having a horrible year all around. Even Law & Order: SVU is in trouble with a little under 8 million viewers on average. Here is how bad it is for NBC. They increased the season order for season 3 of Parenthood. It only averages around 5.5 million viewers this season.

Likely will be cancelled soon:
The Playboy Club (NBC) 5.02, 3.97
Free Agents (NBC) 6.12 million viewers, 3.87, 3.07
H8R (CW) 1.29, 1.03, 1.37 (Kim Kardashian episode)
Heart of Dixie (CW) 1.88 (.8 rating which is horrible)
Whitney (NBC) 6.84

Limping, but critics may keep it alive the whole season:
Up All Night (NBC) 10.95, 6.05, 5.32---decent show, but rating plummet....critical darling
Prime Suspect (NBC) 6.05---well respected show from the UK, well reviewed...may get the year

Up in the Air
A Gifted Man (CBS)9.45/1.4 rating....which is really bad even for that many viewers and CBS has high standards
Charlie's Angels (ABC) 8.76...shocked that this many people watched it, but doubt this show will last.

The only new show to receive a full season pick up has been the really funny New Girl (Fox).

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Terra Nova

I will admit that I love the Sci-fi genre. So when I heard of this television show being brought to us by Steven Spielberg, I became very excited. Add to that, this summer brought us the amazing Falling Skies, and I get even more excited. Now comes opening night and while it may not have lived up to all of the hype, it did not totally disappoint.

For those of you who do not remember, this show was a year behind schedule because they wanted to perfect some special effects. I completely understand, as with a show like this, the CGI effects can make or break the show. In this case the end result is completely mixed. On one hand, the effects can be completely breath taking. On the other hand, there were times that they looked like they came from a syfy channel original disaster movie.

Some early reviews have criticized the show for being unoriginal and not being enough like the amazingly original Lost. I for one completely disagree with this notion. If the show went with the crazy Lost type storyline, would it really be that original? While the show goes with the pretty standard story lines such as family conflict, rebellious son meets a group and an attractive girl, puts his life in danger and must be rescued, the show works and I have a strong feeling this show has more original things up it's sleeves. I actually like the idea of being eased into the mystery of this place and this time porthole. I for one am looking forward to the adventure, and look forward to the show growing on us all.


The Amazing Sunday

Unlike Sunday evenings of the past, it looks like a lightweight viewing night (hey always good for football!). This Sunday, I watched two television shows. I still intend on giving Pan-Am a chance, but I have yet to catch up to it on my DVR.

The Amazing Race

Another season, another race. I will be the first to admit that while I love the show, I think it may have run its course with me, but since nothing else of interest takes that time slot, I will gear up for another season of globetrotting fun. One of the things I have always liked about the show is the way the teams interact with each other as they compete. I would love to have a camera in the required off hours in between legs. In the end, watching these people run around my house could be interesting television. It is easily the best "reality" show on television, and the premier did nothing to make me think it will lose that distinction. I just hope the show retires while still on top, not becoming Survivor, Idol and the aweful Dancing with the Stars.


CSI: Miami

Probably the biggest characature in television is David Caruso's Horatio Caine(how many ways can he take off those sunglasses?). The season premier had record low ratings for the show, and really it did nothing to resurrect itself. This show actually had the lowest ratings of the three CSI's. It has always been the more light hearted of the CSI shows and used creative lighting and crazy computer systems that look like they belong in an episod of Mission Impossible. Of course, the show some how gets you to completely suspend disbelief, at take you on another thrilling mystery. This show continues the story of the finale and wraps up loose ends. The weakness....I was actually hoping Natalia died to do something that put some spice in the show.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Friday Television

My favorite Friday show has yet to debut (Chuck will debut in it's final shortened season October 21), but the shows that have launched are pretty good.


I will say this show is the most awkward in it's start. For one Mac Taylor (Gary Senise) and Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) are no longer in the lab and the lab is now being led by Jo (Sela Ward). Everything is not as put together with this new lab as I am used to, and I am sure these are temporary plot points, of course we wonder if too much damage will be done before bringing things back. This show was barely spared last year....I have a feeling this is the last year for this show. The premier episode was a nice and appropriate 9/11 tribute, but with the broken up cast, we have a major issue in chemistry.


Blue Bloods

This show has always been a strong show, especially in the middle demographics. Now that the show has moved on from the death of Police Commissioner Reagan's son by the Blue Templar, it is going to be interesting how the show will continue on. While this show did nothing to reveal any long term storyline, it did a good job introducing the new Mayor and the relationship the characters will have. Overall, nothing groundbreaking, but still a solid procedural drama.


Person of Interest: Thursday's Must See TV

Thursday has always been great TV...okay not as much as it was back in the days of Friends.With that being are some thoughts.

Person of Interest

This is the best new show on television, and the one I am heavily looking forward to next. In a way it reminded me of Enemy of the State, but in more civilian way. In fact it was like a mix of Enemy of the State and The Dark Knight mixed with Minority Report. A dark former special forces/CIA operative in a post-9/11 societs combines with a genius computer scientist that had created a computer for the government to predict and prevent major crimes. Just a plain strong TV show

The X-Factor Audition Part 2: F- This was just a plain hokey aweful show. I rather the network bring back the Jenny McCarthy Show.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

For some reason Wednesday has been the day to move EVERY show. Note to producers: Please move a couple of shows away from Wednesday (Thursday anyone?) when you start looking at replacements. As a note to all....the 9pm central hour may be the best hour in television. Law and Order: SVU (I like the new people btw), CSI (Ted Danson is AWESOME) and Revenge equates for a challenge for any DVR.

So here we go!

CSI: Had to start here because it is an amazingly revitalized show. Ted Danson takes over from Lawrence Fishburn and adds and element of humor yet stability and makes the show watchable again.

Grade: A-

X-Factor: D Review in the link

Revenge: A One of the best new shows...check out review

Law and Order: SVU: I love this show.....but this year is a huge make it or break it. My bet is a break it. I actually like who they chose to take over for the legendary Mariska Margitay and Chris Meloni. It is tough to replace actors who have been in the role since the beginning. I don't think they will be able to, but I really like Danny Pino and Kelly Ginnish.

Grade: B

Up All Night: Good show with some flaws on the time period. Great cast, with a good sense of humor.

Grade: B+

Free Agents: Bad castings...not sure how this got past the pilot stage

Grade: F

Criminal Minds: The darkest of dramas. I actually know people who have said they would not watch because it had become too dark. They have brought the cast back together....well most of it. Finished the storyline when Prentice left and now we have a new, but limited group. Effective, but still predictable storylineline


I had to post this review completely seperate. I will admit to alway loving Emily Van Camp (yes this straight male watched Brothers & Sisters). The concept is that a young woman is exacting revenge on a well to do family that has a really nice manor in the Hamptons. The father and wife (whom the father appeared to have a personal relationship with) set the lead actresses father to take to fall for what appears to setting up the funding for the 9/11 attacks. Emily is not only beautiful but an amazing actress. She handles this juicy role well and this role sets herself for future emmy awards. The storyline is amazing and sets you up for wondering how she is next going to set herself up for the next revenge!

Grade: A

Saturday, September 24, 2011

X-tremely Disappointing X-Factor

I will say that I did have high hopes for the X-Factor. Sadly this show is horrible on many levels. I have always been a fan of American Idol, and while I did not want the same format, I rather have anything but this format. First, the host has an annoying voice over. Could care less that he has an accent, his voice just sounds stupid in a voice over. When contestants are emotional, he looks like he is not sure what he should do and looks awkward.

In addition to that, lets look at the format. In every hour, you have 50 straight minutes of bad auditions then finally a string of four or five good auditions. Not only that, we have entire segments that are obviously scripted. Lets take for example the spirit seeing girl in Thursday's episode. Did we really need to see a bunch of strange looking people mixed with random scripted power outages?

Now on the good side, the good part of the talent looks great. Maybe once we get through these bad audition episodes.

Grade: D

Terrific Tuesday?

Okay well it was not as terrific as I had hoped. A lot of shows to watch and many of them I really have spent the summer looking forward to.

I have always like the humor of this show, but the reality many times does a federal agency need a mole in it? It is a tired storyline that is not needed anymore.

This episode had a promising start to its third season and then sputtered. It did a lot without answering any questions. I would have loved to learn a little more than I found out in the finale from last season.

Glee: B-
When Glee first came out it was amazing. A successful and biting musical comedy. Now the show has become preachy....and well a bit strange. Sad to say that with its 30% ratings drop for its premier...we may be looking at the final season if the underdogs cannot rally.

The New Girl:A-
Something about Zooey Deschanel is always lovable. This quirky comedy works. It is sad that coach will be replaced due to his previous show being picked up, so we will see next week how that works. While the show had a slow start, it worked in the end with a really funny finish.

Body of Proof: C+
I really liked this show last season, but really has just become repetitive. The supporting cast is stronger that the leads. I did like the nod to Desperate Housewives.

Unforgettable: B-
Standard procedural drama, except darker than most. It really could use a little bit of lightness to it. Instead you felt like you needed anti-depressants after.

Manic Monday

A look back at the Monday. While in the fall it is, for most of us men, a major time for NFL football, let us not forget about the new television season errupting. While I do not watch every episode that comes out of every show, I do watch a lot of premier episodes. So let us begin.

How I Met Your Mother: B+
Not a bad start to a longstanding good show. I do not follow every episode, but I really do want to know who the mother is, which is a couple years away at least.

Two and a Half Men Part 1: A
I will admit to being a doubter. I am not a big AK fan, but must admit....he was really good. Loved the nods to former women of Charlie's past as well as Darma and Greg.

Hawaii Five-oh: B
Somewhat predictable and even a little unbelievable. Still good fun and anything I get to see Kono is always a great day.